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Brink to Balance is a Virtual Executive Coaching program.

We coach leaders through difficult times, enabling them to lead better, feel better and achieve more.

At Brink 2 Balance we develop leaders to lead and work in a more sustainable, emotionally intelligent way.  Providing preventative action to help prevent leaders from tipping into burnout. Leadership takes strength, it takes resilience and the burden of responsibility for others can be great.  So, yes it can take its toll and sometimes we hit a bump in the road and need additional support to help us through the more challenging times. Finding someone to talk to can be difficult.  We are your sounding board, we listen and we challenge you to think in a solution focussed way.  

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Imposter syndrome

Ironically, it seems that the more successful we are, the more we question whether we are good enough. So, we overcompensate by working harder or procrastinating, sleeping less, and worrying more. At Brink to Balance, we help you uncover what triggers those thoughts and that behaviour and help you put plans in place to overcome. Most importantly we listen, in a safe and confidential environment. We do not judge. We support and challenge you to think in a different way, so that you can be more confident and capable in your abilities as a leader.

Feeling overwhelmed

It is common for leaders to feel overwhelmed at times. Overwhelmed by workload or overwhelmed by responsibility. It is often hard to find the right person to talk to, for fear of being seen as weak or sometimes it is simply hard to admit we cannot cope or cannot see a solution. At Brink 2 Balance we understand this and give you a safe place to talk in a confidential environment. We listen and we challenge but we do not judge. Through coaching you will find solutions that enable you to move forward and work in a different but more productive way.


We procrastinate because we fear failure, or we are not sure how to do something. We procrastinate because there is a long list of things to do, and we find it hard to prioritise. We procrastinate because there are sometimes quite frankly things, we do not like doing.

Procrastination can be debilitating and is often a behavioural way of protecting ourselves from experiencing an unpleasant emotional state. Coaching can help to identify the root cause of our procrastination and develop tailor made strategies that can shift us into a new mindset.

Difficult working relationships

Working with others can be challenging, whether it is dealing an overly critical or challenging boss. Or maybe you feel invisible or intimidated by a peer or one of your subordinates.

As experienced leaders, we get it. As experienced coaches we can help you find your own solution to the difficulties that you may be facing.

Community makes us feel like we belong. If there are difficulties within our work community, it can impact us and make our environment more challenging.

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