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About Me

My name is Gael Ogunyemi, CEO and Founder of Brink to Balance.

 I am an experienced leader and executive coach.

I have spent the past 30 years leading teams and businesses across different industry sectors.  I understand the stresses and strains that leadership can bring.  I also understand the joy and sense of achievement that leadership can bring.  

How it Began ..

My career began running a small shoe shop in London and several years and industries later went on to become a Director of hospitals working for a global corporate company.

I trained with the Business Coaching Academy to become an Executive Coach and have been coaching business leaders for a number of years now.  I am a member of the Association for Coaching and also the CIPD, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

Leadership takes strength, it takes resilience and the burden of responsibility for others can be great.  So, yes it can take its toll and sometimes we hit a bump in the road and need additional support to help us through the more challenging times.

A coaching client of mine once said to me that he did not feel any sense of achievement anymore because he spent his days attending meetings, dealing with emails or instant messages. The business had become emails, messages, and meetings, prioritized over any product or service.

It is common to feel overwhelmed at times, not to be able to see the wood for the trees and at times lose your leadership mojo which can be replaced with cynicism and malaise that prevents you from moving forward.

We all need a helping hand when times get tough. A safe place to re-group, re-set and move forwards with purpose.

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